What a Happy 2014.  Thanks mom for the Scotland trip of a lifetime.

Crockie wishes you a happy 2013

People sometimes ask me "A pet alligator?  Why?"
I still don't understand the question.
We like camping in the rain.

And we like surprise packages:

And we like sunset on Hennypig hill.
Summer getaway 2012: Across the pond!

My buddy Nicky is a great travelling compadre if you can keep up with her.  This time she led me to the UK for London fun with Glitterati Matt, Bunj, Bill, and Orla, and then to the Spanish coast for San Sebastian's spectacular tapas. And then right up the spine of the Pyrenees for two weeks of hiking through gorges and peaks and meadows.  How thoughtful of the French to have built us a system of comfy mountain chalets serving four-course gourmet meals along the way.  I will never forget the sounds of the sheep bells.
Carnival 2012!
A perfect day for the St. Anne Parade. Thanks Brad for the pimpalicious outfit created from dozens of purple thrift store shirts.
Local Fauna
The Gulf Islands National Seashore is our favorite weekend getaway. I love the fact that it's good for bodysurfing even in October.
Wacky locals though.
Labor Day 2011
Every September I travel to the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada.
This is why.
AMAZING THANKS to Captain Morgain of Lustair for this year's splendiferous flight straight to the playa. I love my friends.
Summertime in California!

The man tub. We don't let crazy rain slow down a good birthday party!

Heidi traded her three miniature horses for one good one. Her name's Daphne.

These last spring wildflowers are called "blue dicks," of course.
Springtime 2011

I'm happy to say that we've finally got professional ranching going on at Hennypig farm. Let me introduce our new organic farmers Alexis and Gillies. Check out what they've been up to at

Spring Break!

Really, I just visit the islands periodically. I only live there in my dreams. On our latest visit Thumprrr and I got to meet Grant, Viola, and first mate Cosimo there. How do you like our swimming pool?

Island Holidays 2010:
How's this for an archipelago? James Island, St. Simons, St. Thomas, St. John, and every island on the way to Key West. Nice.
Cherub Claus, Elissa Claus and Thumprrr the reindeer prepare to join 400 other sundry Santas on the New Orleans Santacon pub crawl.

An oystercatcher decorating Magens Bay, St. Thomas.

Robbie shows Thump where to dive in.

Dad took us to Key West where we watched this storm off Louie's Backyard.

And our buddy Robert took us to check out all kinds of wacky tropical plants, like this man-eating kapok tree in Coconut Grove.

Gotta love autumn in NOLA
Cool breezes, green tomatoes, and papayas in bloom. We're housesitting and dogsitting for a pup named "Fetish." The bedroom has french doors on two sides opening into this tropical garden. I don't think I've ever had such luxury.
Summer in the wine country 2010
Thumpy built us an outdoor kitchen, put in french doors, and decked out the barn for Amy's barn dance birthday.

And we picked peaches for jam. (We also butchered our first hog, but that was a bit less photogenic.)
2010: ten thousand miles of road trip and counting:

This summer Thumprrr and I hit the road and got away from the BP oil spill. I can't believe that we saw all four coasts of this country together - without having a single disagreement. Here he is having a disagreement with a boxer on Lake Tahoe.

And here's me hunting wildlife in Sedona. Saw a lovely scarlet tanager there and antelopes defending their harems near the funky town of Jerome, Arizona.
Christmas 2009:
Yates makes new friends on St. John
Halloween: another excuse for a really great party

Of course I did the zombie dance!

What a weekend. Had to stay up late since the March Fourth Marching Band came to town and played a 2am show. They are from Portland, and a fixture at Burning Man Center Camp these last three years. Yes, they brought the house down.
We recovered on a sunset cruise on Lake Pontchartain with old friends and new ones. Nice.
Summer '09: Far out West
Handyman Thump gets to know Agnes the emu.

Hiking the hills on John Kinder's organic farm spread above Carmel Valley

Sunset in the Big South.

You gotta love summertime. Latest coups: camping at the Burning Flipside festival outside Austin (and dancing and singing and swimming and winning a trophy in the Burning Glam Fashion Show). Taking home two Hefty bags of orchids from the Human Rights Campaign dinner. Here's Reggae enjoying fraction of them, and a little movie that Thumper shot of the ones we tossed into the pool.
Happy Spring!

Here's my friend Aesha with our new pet, Roxy, our bantam hen. Roxy is a great snuggler who is never happier than when she is in your lap. Why a hen, you ask? Well, it was just fate. My playmate Thumper and I were in the French Quarter watching the Barkus parade (a wacky parade of dogs in costume). By chance we were invited into a house there with at least 50 chickens in the courtyard. (Though maybe not for long, he said, "This whole neighborhood is going condo.") In short, he wouldn't let us leave the party without a chicken. She rode home on the bike handlebars.

We took Roxy on Spring break in the mountains where we got to see snow falling on flowers, and we took her on a getaway to the cute cottage colony of Grayton Beach, Florida. She joined us on the beach, but not in the water. Which is too bad, because she missed the snorkeling with dolphins! What a fantastic surprise to be with them only an arm's length away.

Trilliums and more in Joel's garden, Weaverville, NC, April, 2009.
Carnival Season 2009 and this city is looking Good!

An old college buddy complained about a lack of nudity lately, so here it is, my favorite thing about my new pad in the friendly Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans: our beautiful outdoor shower.

And yes, even in wintertime it's warm enough to enjoy. Check out some cinematography of our backyard:

Winter Break Road Trip 2008: From the Appalachians to the Appalachicola

Pictured below:

The path to Frank's parrot and monkey paradise in the woods of Ocala

A man-o-war at Apollo Beach

and a sunset paddle with my buddy Thumper in crystal clear Wekiva Springs, Florida (where an otter swam right under our canoe)

Halloween 2008
As usual it was one of the best weekends of the year in NOLA.

Ooh this year's party theme was superheroes.  I found a stylin' vintage costume for the voodoo parade, and we danced to the Soul Rebels on a "Saturday Night Fever" style dancefloor.
Summer 2008: Cape to Kilamanjaro!

Yup, the trip of a lifetime. I took more than 1800 photos. The best are up at: http://picasaweb.google.com/larrydew/AlainSAndLarrySAfrica08

And I had one helluva birthday party as well. Gosh it's great to play with old friends.

Odeo's images of the debauchery are at: http://www.odeo.net/pix/2008pix/08grantandlarry/index.html

And Jesse Bee's evidence is at:

Mardi Gras 2008!Thoth parade, Magazine Street, just a few blocks from our house. The 2008 visitor crew: Bunj and Matt in from London, and Odeo from California. Odeo is obviously trying to get his hair to look like mine.
Fall o7: Flying High
Becca copilots the new Piper.

and back home in the aviary Mr. and Mrs. Buttons laid five eggs.